Wilkinson Tract

The 240 acre Wilkinson Tract is located in Baraga County, Michigan (T48N R32W Section 23) off of South Nestoria Rd. The property contains three primary stand types: Lowland Conifers (mostly young), Northern Hardwoods, and Mixed Uplands (primarily Paper Birch, Balsam Fir, White Spruce, Soft Maple). Several management plans covering portions of the property have been completed by students in the capstone class. Based on these management plans, additional data collected by the FERM, and recommendations from the School Forest Committee, a timbersale was setup in the fall of 2008.

Completed Work (Fall 2008)

  • Ran north, east and south property lines.
  • Marked and tallied trees in stand 1 (MTU-1).
  • Flagged and GPSed boundaries of stand 3 (MTU-3A,B,C,D,E,F).
  • Flagged one portion of stand 2 (MTU-2A).
  • Bid out timber sale.

Completed Work (Winter 2008-2009)

  • Ran west property line to center section.
  • Painted north, east and south property lines.
  • Searched for suitable black spruce patch cuts (MTU-2B,C) - ongoing.
  • Sale inspections.
  • GPSed stand 1 (MTU-1).
  • Established landing locations.
  • Conducted timber sale inspections once harvesting started.

Completed Work (Spring 2009)

  • Underplanted 3000 white pine trees in areas of 50% canopy.
  • Planted 3000 red pine in clearcut areas.