Swedetown Tract

The Swedetown property is owned by Calumet Township and the North Houghton Sewer Authority. A network of groomed Nordic Ski Trails runs throughout the property and is heavily used during winter months. Other uses include mountain biking, hiking, ATV riding and hunting which occur primarily during the summer and fall seasons. In addition, the township and sewer authority wish to manage the property for timber production. The property is approximately 1900 acres in size and contains a variety of habitat and timber types ranging from open water wetlands to upland hardwoods. During the fall of 2006 a capstone management plan was written for approximately 160 acres of the property containing timber stands deemed a priority for thinning.

The FERM has been working with the Trimble GEOXT GPS (submeter accuracy) running Arcpad software. A demonstration project was done during the summer of 2006 with a surveying student to determine the feasibility of using the Trimble GPS to establish approximate 1/16 corners given known coordinates of established section corners. The results turned out very good with projected quarter-quarter corner location generally falling with 2 feet of established corners.

During the fall of 2006, the FERM used the Trimble GPS to locate and record the coordinates of remonumented corners within the vicinity of the Swedetown property. These coordinates were then downloaded to the computer and loaded into Arcview 3.3. A polygon layer of quarter sections was generated by "connecting the dots". The PLSS (public land survey system) utility from the ESRI website was run to generate quarter-quarter section divisions and a point layer of the corners was created and loaded back into the Trimble unit. The students were then able to establish approximate corners and begin line work on the property. It should be noted that several quarter-quarter corners were already monumented and the projected corners fell within 2 feet of the monuments.

The FERM has also been working on a timber sale involving several plantations of red pine, white pine and white spruce. All of the tree marking was done by FERM students during the summer of 2007. Due to matters outside of our control, the timber sale was put on hold until the summer of 2010.

Completed Work - Fall 2006

  • Capstone management plan written for 160 acres.
  • GPS section corners.

Completed Work - Spring 2007

  • Established quarter-quarter corner approximate locations
  • Ran 1.25 miles of property lines
  • Completed Work - Summer 2007

  • Marked red and white pine plantations for thinning
  • Sale put on hold by property owner
  • Completed Work - Summer 2010

  • Bid forms sent out.